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Professional Positions 非教师职位
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Date 更新日期 Job Title 职位名称 Location 工作地点
2019-3-27 Admin position/HR Overseas 国外
2019-3-27 Overseas Sales position Overseas 国外
2019-3-27 Mechanical Engineers/Electrical/Electronics/Information System Automobiles, Machinery, Equipment, Overseas 国外
2019-3-27 Patent Translator (JPN → ENG) Overseas 国外
2019-3-27 Management of Technical Interns from overseas Overseas 国外
2019-3-27 Sales (overseas and domestic) executive position Overseas 国外
2019-3-27 Secretary + translator (JP⇔English) Overseas 国外
2019-3-27 German Editor Overseas 国外
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Teaching & Education Jobs 教师&教育职位
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Date 更新日期 Job Title 职位名称 Location 工作地点
2019-3-27 English Teacher Overseas 国外
2019-3-26 Teaching English in Sanya, China - The city has become known as "China's Florida" Other City 其它城市
2019-3-26 English Teacher Shanghai 上海
2019-3-25 ✨✨✨✨✨20k-25k or more+Free airticket etc!!Just need virtuous teachers in Beijing ASAP!!No degree nec Beijing 北京
2019-3-25 Excellent benefits&No degree necessary!!Just need 1 virtuous teacher in Shenzhen ASAP!! Beijing 北京
2019-3-25 Perfect ESL job in Shanghai!! Just need active teacher soon!! Shanghai 上海
2019-3-25 ✨✨✨Teach in the emporer's capital!! 20k-25k or more+Free airticket etc!! Beijing 北京
2019-3-25 ✨✨✨20000-25000rmb after tax or more+Free airticket etc!! Just need sincere teachers in Beijing ASAP! Beijing 北京
2019-3-25 ꧁༺ ༒ ༻꧂Teach near Hong Kong with excellent compensation!! Limited vacancy!! No degree necessary!! Shenzhen 深圳
2019-3-25 ☀ ☀ ☀ Fujian,Zhengzhou,Shanxi,Ningbo,Anhui etc!Excellent benefits+Free furnished apartment etc!! Other City 其它城市
2019-3-25 ★ ★ ★ TEFL Teacher/Decent prospect Shanghai 上海
2019-3-25 K-12 program/Reading/Math/Science/Social Studies/Advancement opportunities Beijing 北京
2019-3-25 Very well-paid Shenzhen position!! Just need 1 soon!! Offer free airticket, too!! Shenzhen 深圳
2019-3-25 Free airticket+High salary+Free furnished apartment etc!! Wonderful ESL jobs in any popular city!! Other City 其它城市
2019-3-25 20000-25000rmb or more salary+Free airticket etc!!Just need active teachers in Beijing ASAP!! Beijing 北京
2019-3-25 Limited Shanghai vacancy!! 20000-25000rmb or more after tax salary+Excellent welfares etc!! Shanghai 上海
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