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This is a premium job ad.
Korean (TV Program) Vice General Manager Needed in Beijing
Valid from: Nov. 21, 2017 to Feb. 19, 2018     Expired
Location: Beijing
Job Type: Full-Time
Job Description:
Korean (TV Program) Vice General Manager Needed in Beijing

About us:
GHS is a member of CRI. This powerful national media has provided the strongest resource support for GHS’ all-media retail business.

GHS has been experiencing rapid development since 2013, engaging in retail business based on media channels like TV, website, and mobile terminal (APP and We Chat mall), and providing quality products and services for the consumers. In addition, by means of establishing subsidiaries, GHS has been involved in areas like manufacturing, wholesale trade and cultural media. Based on our existing platform, we are focusing on integrating resources, building a complete industry chain of media retail, and creating more value for our shareholders, employees and consumers.

GHS has built a “TV+Website+Mobile” all-media retail platform, which reaches hundreds of millions of consumers in China. TV shopping content is broadcast non-stop 24 hours a day through cable TV channel and OTT TV, and the online mall and mobile shopping are attracting more young consumers.

Create an ideal life experience for customers.
Become an admirable enterprise.
Become a world famous media retail group

Position: Vice General Manager (TV Program), Need Korean
Office: Yaojiayuan South Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

Job Description:
1、Responsible for localization、plan、design of program,,seize the quality of the program, accomplish the operations target arranged by company;
2、Responsible for establishing、 enforcing and developing work guidelines and process;
3、Responsible for creating new forms of program that match GHS’s brand Features to develop our brand in order to increase sales;
4、Responsible for the Creativity、design and production of corporate and brand propaganda films as well as promotional activities video;
5、In charge of daily management of the program centric, including but not limited to the management、guidance、training and evaluation of personnel;
6、Responsible for making 、carrying out、 monitoring the budget of program centric;
7、In charge of communication with related department.

Job Qualifications
1、 Directors or Top-managers of program centric from famousTV shopping enterprise of Korea
2、More than 10 years working experience in TV or media industry will be preferred;
3、Program team management skills and experience will be preferred;
4、Outstanding executive 、 Commandin g、 Organizational Coordination Ability;
5、excellent Systematic and logical thinking ability as well as strong numerical ability;
6、Carefulness and Patience in daily work, Willingness to Take Responsibility, Good Performance under certain pressure.

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